A Superior Day
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Lee Ho Chul (Jin Goo) is an ordinary guy. He works as a firefighter and has a simple but happy life. However, one fateful day, his world is turned upside down after his daughter is unexpectedly kidnapped. The news is dominated by stories about a serial killer who has been terrorizing the nation. While Lee Ho Chul is searching for a way to find his child, a stranger informs him that the killer is actually his next-door neighbor, Kwon Si Woo (Lee Won Geun). But this stranger is actually Bae Tae Jin (Ha Do Kwon), a hired contract killer who is hunting the murderer. Even though Lee Ho Chul just wants to look for his daughter, he suddenly finds himself sucked into a potentially deadly stand-off between his neighbor and the contract killer. In the space of just 24 hours, he must locate his daughter and untangle a fatal web of violence and terror before time runs out... This drama was based on a 2008-2009 web-based cartoon series that was written by Team Getname. “A Superior Day” is a 2022 South Korean drama series that was directed by Jo Nam Hyung.