American Daredevils
Famed daredevil Evel Knievel may have passed away in 2007, but his spirit lives on in others who continue to take part in similar death-defying stunts that he performed. `American Daredevils' follows four daredevils across America as they launch themselves through the air in vehicles, light themselves on fire and risk their lives in countless other ways in the name of doing what they love while making a living. The featured daredevils include Robert `Spanky' Spangler, who has been performing stunts since the age of 12 - more than four decades ago - and has performed alongside Knievel and other greats; Spanky's son, Bryan, who emulated his father as a kid and now performs with him on the road; Mike Buse, who earned the nickname `Mr Dizzy' when he won a race after his car was spun out by another driver; and Gregory Carpenter, aka `Dr Danger', who gave up his `real job' to become a daredevil for $2,000 a show.