Fall in Love
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Jing Zhi Xia (Joey Chua) is the manager of a prestigious hotel. She learns that Fu Ze Yi (Xiao Kai Zhong), the young heir to a large conglomerate business group, is coming to stay at the hotel, but prefers to go off and do what she likes doing best – spending money on luxury items. But as she is leaving, she catches sight of Fu Ze Yi...and recognizes him as a man she once fell in love with named Lin. The love story ended in disaster – after winning her heart, Lin abandoned her, leaving her fuming. Jing Zhi Xia angrily barges into Fu Ze Yi’s hotel room – the presidential suite – and confronts him. However, he appears not to recognize her at all. In fact, as a result of a traumatic childhood incident, Fu Ze Yi developed an alter-ego. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the warm-hearted, music-loving, and compassionate Lin and the cold, emotionless, and calculating Fu Ze Yi are competing for “control” over the business heir’s body. Recently, Fu Ze Yi has gotten the upper hand. When he starts spending time with Jing Zhi Xia again, however, Lin begins to make his presence felt again – and expresses long-buried feelings for Jing Zhi Zia… But to Lin’s horror, he discovers that Fu Ze Yi is also starting to fall for the same woman! “Fall in Love” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Zeng Qing Jie.