The Trick of Life and Love
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Ning Cheng Ming (Ji Xiao Bing), also known as Mr. Fox, was once a strict teacher. He has since gone on to become a key investor and CEO. His reputation is imposing: He never smiles, is brutally frank, and always seems to be able to second-guess anyone who tries to hide a secret from him. Li Qian (Jin Mei Chen) – who was once his student – is working at a company that hopes to seal an investment deal with Ning Cheng Ming’s firm. At the meeting between the firms, he publicly belittles her, reminding her of the miserable time she spent as his student. As a teacher, he was just as cruel! When Ning Cheng Ming is involved in a traffic accident that Li Qian happens to witness, her quick thinking saves his life. When he wakes up in his hospital bed, she realizes that he is suffering from amnesia. Li Qian decides to play a “prank” on him – and poses as his fiancée. But even though he has amnesia, “Mr. Fox” is still sharp...and begins to suspect that Li Qian’s story doesn’t add up. As they spend more time together, could this “fake” relationship lead Li Qian to love...instead of revenge? “The Trick of Life and Love” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Yan Qian.