Full-Time Magister 3
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Mo Fan was once a typical ninth-grade student. But one day, he fell asleep and woke up in a world where magic ruled! Despite initially knowing nothing at all about magic (and possessing no special aptitude for the subject!), he managed to win a place at a magic-specializing high school. There, he managed to harness power from two strength-bestowing elements. But disaster soon struck his town, when the feared Black Order of evil mages tried to lay waste to the settlement, accompanied by blood-lusting monsters. Now, Mo Fan and his fellow residents have escaped to the unofficial capital of magic – Mingzhu City. He is given the chance to learn at the city’s prestigious magic university, under the tutelage of the renowned Tang Yue. Together, they agree to investigate the Black Order, and potentially put an end to the evil mages’ meddling. Will Mo Fan become a master magician? And can he save the townfolk from the menace of the Black Order? This series is the sequel to the 2016 animation “Full-Time Magister Season 1” and 2017’s “Full-Time Magister Season 2.” “Full-Time Magister Season 3” is a 2018 Chinese animated series.