Gypsy Brides US
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`Gypsy Sisters' follows the roller-coaster lives of the Stanleys, a loud and proud clan from West Virginia, whom viewers first came to know in TLC's `My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding'. The new programme focuses on the four women at the centre of this outrageous family led by matriarch Nettie, a gossip-stirring mother who loves to stick her nose in the lives of her nine children. But it's her out-of-control younger sister Mellie, dubbed the black sheep of the family, that Nettie contends with most. Mellie is a stripper with a penchant for drinking and fighting, earning her the town nickname `Hellie Mellie'. Kayla, Nettie's cousin, strives to be the perfect Gypsy wife but often disagrees with her husband on the best way to raise their teenage daughter. And Kayla's sister-in-law Laura, though not Roma by blood, considers herself one at heart.