Invisible Life
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Just how far would you go to stop your mother and work colleagues from interfering in your private life? Ye Xiao Bai (Chen Du Ling) decides to find out! While working on a tense and work-intensive business project with her boss Guan Yi He (Hawick Lau), she ends up falling in love. He too has developed feelings for her. But this love affair will be anything but straightforward. Not only does Ye Xiao Bai have a meddling mother to throw off the scent, but there is also another hurdle: Company policy strictly forbids workplace romances. The duo decides to wed in secret to avoid the heat, and even ties the knot. For a while, things look to be going swimmingly, and they even manage to start a little family. But this is where things get complicated – as keeping a lid on their love now proves to be trickier than ever. Ye Xiao Bai is determined to have the lot, however: A successful career, a happy family, and a blissful marriage – but have she and her secret husband bitten off more than they can chew? “Invisible Life” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Tao Ling Ling.