Roppongi Class
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When Arata Miyabe (Ryoma Takeuchi)’s father dies, he decides to take revenge on the family that runs Japan’s largest restaurant franchise. That family is the power behind the Nagaya Holdings business group. And this same family has made his life a misery for years: While the younger generation bullied him mercilessly at school, the older generation destroyed his father. Part of Arata Miyabe’s plan involves launching a restaurant in the upscale Roppongi area of Tokyo. In order to make the restaurant a success, he hires a number of young and talented staff members, including Asamiya Aoi (Yurina Hirate), the new restaurant’s manager. She starts to develop feelings for Arata Miyabe, but so deep is his focus on revenge that he – initially does not notice. As the restaurant begins to gain popularity, Arata Miyabe will soon find himself at a crossroads. But which path will he ultimately choose? This drama was based on the South Korean web-based cartoon “Itaewon Class,” which also spawned a hit South Korean drama series of the same name. “Roppongi Class” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Naomi Tamura and Naomi Kinoshita.