The Blessed Bride
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When her brother announced that Yue Liu Ying (Sun Yi Ning) would soon marry, the usually playful girl was more than a little upset. But when her brother Informed her that he had arranged the marriage to have her spy on her soon-to-be husband, Ling Qi Ye (Cavan Wen), Liu Ying was outright revolted. Not wanting to play the part of a spy, Liu Ying tried to find a way to free herself from her brother’s control.  Unfortunately, Liu Ying never found a way out of her impending marriage and was eventually forced to accept her fate. However, that didn’t stop her from trying to find other ways out of this life that had been chosen for her. Deciding the best way out would be to poison her husband on their wedding night, Liu Ying was certain she would soon have her freedom. Little did she know that Qi Ye was as cunning and quick-witted as herself, and had his own plans for their marriage. Unable to outwit or outmaneuver her husband, Liu Ying was eventually forced to accept defeat, but only long enough for her to find another way around her fate. With their momentary truce in place, Liu Ying was surprised to discover that Ling Qi wasn’t precisely the monster her brother had always described him as. A good man with a good heart, it was clear that Ling Qi was everything a good husband should be. Surprisingly enough, while Liu Ying was making these discoveries about her husband, he was making equally favorable discoveries about her. No longer at constant odds, could this oddly matched couple find a way to spend the rest of their lives together in wedded bliss? A story of wits and will, “The Blessed Bride” is a 2022 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Tan Min.