The Reason Why He Can’t Marry
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Having vowed to marry the man of her dreams by the age of thirty, Mariko Goto (Yumi Wakatsuki) has been diligently searching for the perfect man. Admittedly, finding Mr. Right isn’t exactly easy, but Mariko’s boss, section chief Mitsuo Tomizawa (Hayami Mokomichi) is definitely a top contender. As handsome as he is successful, Mitsuo has captured the attention of many of the women at work. But despite their best efforts, none of them have been able to capture the bachelor’s heart. Determined to be the one to change that, Mariko does everything she can to win Mitsuo’s affection. Unfortunately, Mariko has no idea that she has some rather unusual competition.  An extreme lover of dolls, Mitsuo is more concerned with his doll Michuko than he is with actual women. Which is why he has no problems turning down every woman who approaches him. With hard work and determination will Mariko be able to steal Mitsuo’s heart from his beloved doll? Based on the manga of the same name by Saki Ou, “The Reason Why He Can’t Marry” is a 2021 Japanese romance drama directed by Ryuichi Honda, Kenji Kuwashima, Masayuki Matoba, and Yuichi Katayama.