The Beast Stalker
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Pulse-pounding, intense and compelling, The Beast Stalker is a razor-edge crime-thriller featuring explosive action and some of the most visually stunning car chase sequences of recent years. In a world where justice is bought with blood and sacrifice is a way of life, Tong, a hard-edged detective (Nicholas Tse), puts his reputation on the line to hunt down the underworlds most dangerous kingpin. However, on the same fateful day that he puts his target behind bars, his life is shattered by tragedy and the shedding of innocent blood. Devastated by painful memories, he languishes until his prior nemesis orchestrates the kidnapping of a judges daughter to manipulate evidence that might convict him. Now, in a deadly race against time, Tong must come face-to-face with a relentless contract-killer, and find the strength to fight for one last chance at redemption...
Starring Nicholas Tse, Jingchu Zhang, Nick Cheung
Director Dante Lam