Love Is Love
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Shek Kam-Shui (Stephen Chow) was a guy who sponged on a restaurant's owner (Shing Fui-On) and grew up in the village. He became good friends with Ng Dai-Tai (Sandra Ng), the daughter of the restaurant's owner, ever since they were just little kids. However, their relationship was deprecated by Tai's father. Hence, with help of Tai's younger sister (Pauline Kwan), they eloped. They moved into the city and led a new life of their own.In the city, Kam-Shui and Dai-Tai leased a small humble room and tried hard to search for a job. Meanwhile, Kam-Shui had the opportunity to be a diamond sales representative provided that he paid a sum of caution money. Acknowledging this, Dai-Tai decided to earn the money for him by becoming a cabaret girl. So, Kam-Shui was able to get the job.As Kam-Shui was honest, industrious, and eager to learn, he was highly appraised by his senior, Nancy (Suki Kwan). Nancy brought him to eminence. And as time went by, a feeling of affection grew between them.While Dai-Tai was glad about Kam-Shui's advancement, she also worried as it seemed that Nancy cared her husband so much. Then, Dai-Tai determined to quit her job as a cabaret girl.
Starring Stephen Chow, Sandra Ng Kwan-Yue, Shing Fui-On
Director Tommy Leung