God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage
Ko Chun's father kills himself because he is cheated and all of his money has been taken away by a man with a smiling face. Then, Ko Chun (Leon Lai) is adopted by a man called Mr. Kent (Chung King-Fai). Chun becomes his disciple. Mr. Kent wants Chun to be God of Gamblers. He will let Chun marry his daughter Hing (Gigi Leung) if he wins the title. However, Mr. Kent has been bribed. He forces Chun to lose. Chun disagrees. Mr. Kent shoots Chun because of his refusal. Chun is seriously hurt, but he is saved by his friends. When Ko Chun is having medical treatment, he falls in love with Sister Seven (Anita Yuen), a girl he met when both of them were kids. Finally, in the last gambling game, Ko Chun defeats his enemy Ko Ngo (Francis Ng) and wins the title God of Gamblers.
Starring Leon Lai, Anita Yuen, Jordan Chan
Director Wong Jing