Amber's Descent
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Kayla Stanton stars as Amber Waltz, a gifted pianist with a disturbing past who retreats to an isolated country house with hopes of completing her latest symphony. There she meets Jim (Michael Mitton), a handyman she hires who takes an unusual interest in helping her look after the house. As her work progresses, Amber starts to hear strange noises – humming and whispers beckoning her – leading her to believe the house is haunted. A ghostly figure appears at her piano and Amber decides to dig deeper into the history of the house and its previous occupants. When notes appear to write themselves on the pages of her music sheets, Amber finds herself surrounded by the dark mysteries of the house. She uncovers a deadly secret and begins her descent - the unraveling of her own sanity.
Starring Kayla Stanton, Michael Mitton, Don Knodel
Director Micheal Bafaro