Bastard Swordsman
Actor Lu Chin Ku really hit his stride as a director of mystical kung-fu epics, like “Holy Flame of the Martial World”, and this – truly one of the best of its kind. Hsu Shao-chiang (aka Norman Chu Siu-Keung) stars as a put-upon illegitimate son of a “Martial Arts World” master, who nearly sacrifices all to learn the “Silkworm Style” - making him a veritable “Spider-Swordsman”! That’s just the pay-off to this eye-filling, mind-bending kung-fu phantasmagorical which elicited cries of joyous disbelief in virtually all the cinemas where it was shown. Featuring a top notch cast including “Venoms” Lo Meng, Sun Chien, and Wang Li, this extravaganza truly warrants the description: “unforgettable”.
Starring Norman Chu Siu-Keung, Shen Chan, Ku Kuan-Chung
Director Chin-Ku Lu