Dharm Adhikari
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Dharamraj, a crownless king of Nandgaon, follows the footsteps of his ancestors who have been for generations governing the village and sanctioning justice. Though everyone in the village respected him, Choudary and Shastry envied his stature and the deep respect he received. They were waiting for an opportunity to topple his image and bring shame to him and his family. Choudary comes to know about Dharamraj’s monthly meeting with a widow, and assisting her financially. He pounces on this chance to defame him, and openly spews venom at Dharamraj. How does Dharamraj win this war against Choudary’s devious plans? Is Dharamraj able to establish righteousness and merit? This becomes the fantastic narrative of the film.
Starring Dilip Kumar, Jeetender, Sridevi
Director Kovelamudi Raghavendra Rao