Falling In Love In Maastricht
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Everyone has their own unique love story which they hold dear to their heart, in fact, love is all André Rieu sees each time he looks at his audiences! Themed on the universal concept of Love, André Rieu’s Falling In Love album is his most romantic yet. André and his Orchestra perform the world’s most well-loved ballads, romantic hits, and melodies, including ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (made famous by Celine Dion), ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ (Andrea Bocelli), and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ (Elvis Presley) – beautiful music guaranteed to tug at the heart strings! Falling In Love – In Maastricht is this year’s spectacular annual Maastricht concert. The extraordinary show, filmed July 2016, saw over 80,000 people enjoying the Maestro’s annual city-square sound-and-music take-over live, and has broken box-office records worldwide. André and his Orchestra are accompanied by Mirusia, The Platin Tenors, Lou Bega, over one hundred waltzers, and many more!
Starring André Rieu, Pit Weyrich, Lida Huver