Franck Dubosc

Franck Dubosc

Appearing in dozens of films, stand-up comedy programs and television series, Franck Dubosc has established himself as one of France's most prominent comedians. It didn't take long for Dubosc, who was raised in Normandy, to realize his love of performing; he abandoned traditional education after a brief stint studying English at Claude Bernard College in order to attend performing arts school at the National Conservatory of Rouen. Several bit parts in French films and TV series led to Dubosc's 1987 breakthrough role as stereotypical French lover Patric Podevin in the hugely successful British soap opera "Coronation Street." The early '90s saw him popping up on various French series and TV movies, but it wasn't until 1998--with his first one-man stand-up act, "Du beau, du bon, Dubosc"--that Dubosc became a star on the comedy circuit. After earning the Newcomer of the Year Award at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, he released his 2003 DVD "Pour toi, public," featuring Dubosc performing sketches as a variety of zany characters, to great nationwide success. He then wrote and starred in the 2005 hit film "Camping," recreating the outrageous situations that arise from family camping trips. Among several other comedies throughout the 2000s, Dubosc co-wrote the 2006 comedy "Disco" (starring megastar Gérard Depardieu), which he describes as a combination of "Saturday Night Fever" and "The Fully Monty."