Linda Gary

Linda Gary

In the first three live action "Spider-Man" movies, Rosemary Harris played Aunt May Parker, and Sally Field got the honors for "The Amazing Spider-Man." But over on the animated side of things, Linda Gary has ruled as the voice of Peter Parker's kindly relative. She first provided the voice in 1981 for a "Spider-Man" animated series and then again, from '94 until her death, for another cartoon version of the superhero tale. Gary has also made her mark in another franchise, voicing the part of Teela for 130 episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" (from '83 to '85) and then taking on the role of Shadow Weaver in "She-Ra: Princess of Power," a "He-Man" spin-off. On the feature film side, Gary found success as Grandma in three sequels to "The Land Before Time," released to video in '94, '95, and '96. Another one of her signature roles came as Dr. Nora Crest in "Batman" for animated episodes aired between '92 and 94.