Molly Hagan

Molly Hagan

A photo of Molly Hagan can instantly evoke feelings of vulnerability and compassion in fans of early '90s television; she played the role of Angel (the voice of sensitivity) inside the head of the title character Herman in "Herman's Head." This popular Fox sitcom gave human forms to the different sides of Herman (sensitivity, lust, anxiety, and intellect) and comedically showed his thought processes via their interactions. Of course, Trekkies may see her face and recognize her as the first on-screen Vorta, a genetically re-engineered humanoid race who serve as diplomats on the sci-fi spinoff "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." Diehard fans of NBC's legendary comedy "Seinfeld" may have a completely different reaction, remembering her as the Russian Orthodox Sister Roberta who fell hard for Kramer due to his "kavorka" (the lure of the animal) and nearly left the church for him in the episode titled "The Conversion" in season five. The fact that she can be recognized for several roles speaks to her versatility as an actress, and considering her long resume of roles since 1985, she isn't lacking in perseverance, either.



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