Tuva Novotny

Tuva Novotny

Tuva Novotny was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Novotny began her acting career with roles in such films as "Tic Tac" (1997), "Sleepwalker" (2000) and "Jalla! Jalla!" (2000) with Fares Fares. She also appeared in "Den Osynlige" (2002), "Kommer Du Meg Mig Da" (2003) and the foreign "Midsommar" (2003) with Julie R Ølgaard. She continued to act in productions like "Fyra veckor i juni" (2005) with Lukasz Garlicki, the foreign "Bang Bang Orangutang" (2005) with Mikael Persbrandt and the foreign "Små mirakel och stora" (2006) with Janne Carlson. She also appeared in the Leo Gregory musical drama "Stoned" (2006). More recently, she continued to act in "Simon & Malou" (2009), "Dear Alice" (2010) and the Julia Roberts dramatic adaptation "Eat Pray Love" (2010). She also appeared in the dramatic comedy "Truth about Men" (2010) with Rosalinde Mynster and "ID:A" (2011). Novotny most recently acted in "A War" (2016).