Yi Zhang

Zhang Yi was who had a successful Hollywood career. Zhang Yi worked on a variety of projects during Zhang Yi's early entertainment career, including "Fei Ya Fei" with Liao Yi-wu (2001), "Ju Dou" with Gong Li (1991) and "The Square" (1994). Zhang Yi also contributed to "Yu Qing Sao" (1985) starring Yang Hulshan. In the early 2000s, Zhang Yi devoted Zhang Yi's time to various credits, such as "Hero" (2004) starring Jet Li, "Ma Wu Jia" (2007) and "Lucky Dog" (2008). Zhang Yi also worked on "Knitting" (2009). More recently, Zhang Yi tackled roles in the Tony Leung dramatic adaptation "Red Cliff: Part I" (2009), the Wu Yuchi drama "Sauna on Moon" (2012) and "Huang jin shi dai" (2014). Zhang Yi also appeared in "Mountains May Depart" (2016). Most recently, Zhang Yi acted in the Zhao Benshan drama "The New Year's Eve of Old Lee" (2016).