A Girl & Three Sweethearts
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Misaki Sakurai (Mirei Kiritani) is down on her luck. Her dreams of becoming a top-level pastry chef with her own business seem as distant now as they have ever been and her love life appears to have stalled. To top it all off, she has just been fired from her job, and could find herself out of money and out of a home. But just when things are looking like they couldn’t get any worse, she finally gets a lucky break when her old high school flame Chiaki Shibasaki (Shohei Miura) appears on the scene and not only offers her a part-time job at his restaurant over the summer, but also a place to stay – in the house where her and his two younger brothers the cooking school dropout and womanizer Toma (Nomura Shuhei) and the unflappably patient Kanata (Yamazaki Kento) also live there. The brothers, also talented cooks in their own right, and are as full of charm as Chiaki Shibasaki. And as Misaki Sakurai starts to live with them, she starts to realize that she might have romantic feelings not only for her former flame, but also his siblings. Will true love end up on the menu for Misaki Sakurai – and can she get her culinary dreams back on track? “A Girl and Three Sweethearts” is a 2016 Japanese drama series that was directed by Hiro Kanai, Ryo Tanaka, and Tomonobu Moriwaki.