Being a Hero
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Several years ago, Wu Zhen Feng (Chen Xiao) and his best friend Chen Yu (Wang Yibo) were police cadets when disaster struck: A fiendish drug trafficking mob called K murdered the former’s father, sparking a chain of events that saw Wu Zhen Feng booted out of the police force. He attempted to flee the country, but Chen Yu followed him, hoping to stop his friend from doing anything rash. But the duo was dragged into a fracas at the border, where Wu Zhen Feng allowed himself to be taken off by the drug gang in order to save his friend. Now, Chen Yu has completed his training and has become a rising star in the ranks of the police’s narcotics team. But in this time, Wu Zhen Feng has ostensibly become a major figure in the illegal gang, as well as a murder suspect. When Chen Yu is ordered to go undercover and take the gang down once and for all, it appears that the former friends could be set for a deadly showdown. But as they face off as enemies, Chen Yu begins to suspect Wu Zhen Feng might not be who he seems to be… “Being a Hero” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Fu Dong Yu.