Bewitched by My Sexy Boyfriend
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Sakaino Hitomi (Matsui Airi) is a clean-living young woman from a well-heeled family. She is always completely honest with everyone she meets – a fact that sometimes lands her in trouble. Most people envy her due to the fact that she is engaged to marry the fabulously wealthy and successful Akashi Keigo (Kousei Yuki), a handsome bachelor with an impeccable educational background. But life for both turns decidedly chaotic when, at a construction site, Sakaino Hitomi meets the dashing, muscular but decidedly rough-around-the edges Manabu (Kasamatsu Sho). She falls for him instantly, despite his much lower level of education, and cannot disguise her feelings for him. Even as she is trying on her wedding dress, she is thinking of Manabu. This encounter has obviously taken its toll on her, and when her fiance tries to kiss her and she refuses, family members begin to sense that something is wrong. As her attraction to Manabu begins to intensify, it looks like the big wedding could be headed for the rocks… “Bewitched by My Sexy Boyfriend” is a 2021 Japanese drama series that was directed by Yusuke Kato.