Big Issue
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Two characters delve us into the world of tabloid journalism and the paparazzi who stop at nothing to get the big scoop. Gentle in nature, Seok Joo, a renowned photographer of the nation\u2019s largest newspaper, has plummeted to the lowest point in his life. With one picture, he loses his job, his self-confidence, and most punishingly, his family. When he declines a deal with the devil to save his daughter, who is suffering from congenital heart disease, he succumbs to the guilt and resorts to alcohol with no intention of returning to his prominent self until he meets Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun is the editor-in-chief for Sunday Dispatch, a notorious celebrity paparazzi tabloid leading the field. Elegant, sophisticated, and connected, once she gets on the scent of any celebrity scandal, nothing can stop her from getting the story. Growing up, being a reporter of truth was her aspiration. But revealing the truth had no power. The powerful just conceived the truth. She decides to take on reality, and with it, the people who once discounted her start to disappear. She is now more famous than a celebrity, and when she offers Seok Joo his second chance to redeem himself, he resurrects as a paparazzo and fights to see his daughter again. Will the two overcome the obstacles in tabloid journalism, triumph over the powerful, and rise from despair?