Down With Love
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Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry Yan) is a highly sought-after lawyer who is blessed with incredible good looks. In addition to his fantastic career, he also has the kind of love life others can only dream of: He is dating a stunning celebrity. Although some think him cold and opportunistic, he seems to be living a charmed life. But fate has other plans for him. When his older brother – who is the sole guardian of two children – is suddenly killed in a traffic accident, Xiang Yu Ping is suddenly burdened with taking care of the kids. In his desperation, Xiang Yu Ping attempts to hire a nanny to help him care for the children. But they prove to be too much of a handful for most candidates to deal with. In his desperation, Yu Ping asks his secretary Yang Duo (Kelly Huang) to help him find a nanny. As the family is desperate for money, she decides to recommend her younger sister Yang Guo (Ella Chen) for the vacant post. But, worried that Xiang Yu Ping will take advantage of her sister, Yang Duo tells her boss that her sister is gay. However, this pretense won’t last for long – particularly after Xiang Yu Ping starts to fall for Yang Guo’s charms! “Down with Love” is a 2010 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Ke Han Chen.
Starring Jerry Yan