Emperor or Boss
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On her twenty-fourth birthday, Fu Bao (Dawn Chen) accidentally found herself in possession of an extremely unusual gift: a notebook that claimed to grant wishes. Not really believing that the claims of the notebook were true, Fu Bao decided that it couldn’t hurt to have a little fun with the book. Without really thinking about what she was doing, Fu Bao shared with the mysterious notebook her secret wish to fall in love. Waking the next morning to find herself in bed with her hold-hearted yet undeniably handsome boss, Wei Lei (Yi Xiao Wei), Fu Bao isn’t sure what to think. Did the notebook actually work? Unfortunately, this sudden entanglement with Wei Lei is only the beginning of Fu Bao’s problems. Using the magic of the notebook to travel through time, the original owner has come to reclaim what is rightfully his. Showing up at Fu Bao’s front door, claiming to be the king of an ancient kingdom, Li Ming Shi (Yang Ze) has every intention of taking back what belongs to him. Unfortunately, all his well-laid plans are waylaid by Fu Bao. Pulling Ming Shi into her modern world, Fu Bao helps the lost king navigate the dangers of the modern world, all the while attempting to untangle the confusing relationship she now has with Wei Lei. With her heart pulling her one way and then another, how will Fu Bao know which man truly holds her heart? An adorable tale of time travel and true love, “Emperor or Boss” is a 2021 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by He Jia Nan.