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Five years ago, Xia Ran Ran (Li Yi Tong) was just an average girl, living her life in her own average way. With no truly spectacular ambitions, her one and only dream in life was to have her crush, Lin Xiang An (Song Chen), notice her. Unfortunately for Ran Ran, Xiang An only had room in his heart for Su Mo (Shi Shi), a lovely girl who had an uncanny ability to make Ran Ran feel like an ugly duckling. Tired of feeling as though she were inferior to those around her, Ran Ran eventually convinced herself it was time to let go of the feelings that tied her to Xiang An and move on. Now engaged to Shao Ming Zhe (Lu Yi), Ran Ran appears to have done just that. But her relationship with Ming Zhe isn’t exactly spectacular. Together because of a family connection, Ran Ran and Ming Zhe have known each other for most of their lives, but they have never once felt anything for each other above platonic cordiality. Still harboring feelings for Xiang An, Ran Ran can’t seem to forget the man she fell in love with five years ago. But she isn’t the only one still holding onto the past. While Ran Ran pines for Xiang An, Ming Zhe pines for his ex-girlfriend, Su Mo, the same girl who Xiang An loved all those years ago.  With a loveless marriage before them, Ran Ran begins to wonder if this is really the life she wants. As she contemplates what her life might be like, should she choose a different path, her father’s assistant, Chen Luo (Wang Xiu Ze) approaches her with his own offer of love. With so many options before her, Ran Ran must decide where her heart truly lies. Will fate step in to lend a hand or will Ran Ran be forced to unravel the mysteries of her heart on her own? Based on the novel “Just to See You” by Xian Cheng, “Fate” is a 2020 romance drama directed by Cha Chuen Yee.