Intense Love
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Su Jin Bei (Zhang Yu Xi) is a beautiful actress who enjoys enormous popularity. Men find her irresistibly attractive, but one of the pitfalls of fame is the fact that gossip and rumors dog her, with many thinking the worst of her. Worse still, she knows how to catch a man’s eye, but doesn’t ever seem to make a meaningful connection, a fact that has left her without a boyfriend for her entire life. But when she is hospitalized after an accident, she is treated by Zhou Shi Yun (Ding Yu Xi), a remarkably skilful, intelligent, wealthy, and attractive doctor. He is used to getting plenty of attention from women – but not from popular actresses! Su Jin Bei falls for him immediately and resolves to make him her boyfriend. Although he is outwardly very cold, Zhou Shi Yun actually has a heart of gold. And while he initially tries to ignore her advances, Cupid appears to be on Su Jin Bei’s side! “Intense Love” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Liu Yu Fan.