Jun & Jun
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Life in a modern South Korean office can be eventful! Lee Jun (Yang Jun Mo) once hoped to become a top-billing pop star, but has turned his back on his dreams. Now this former idol star needs to enter the world of work. But without any experience, he is forced to take on a role as an intern at a cosmetics firm. Here he is reunited with someone from his past – a highly talented (but also highly flirtatious!) man named Choi Jun (Ki Hyun Woo). Choi Jun has risen to the post of manager at the company, which means he is able to delegate work to the company’s long-suffering interns! The interns’ only ally is Lee Joo Ha (Yeoreum), an assistant manager who tries to shield them from managers’ ire! While the workload starts piling up for Lee Jun, so does the romantic tension between this former pop star and Choi Jun. And theirs is not the only possible office romance in the cards – as employees Simeon (Park Hyeong Seop) and Song Hyun Jae (Cho Chan Hyun) also start to feel the pull of love! “Jun & Jun” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Kim Eun Hye.