Legend of Nine Tails Fox
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Long coveted for its ability to grant wondrous powers to whoever eats it, the Mei fruit of Qing Qiu has been under the protection of the fox clan for generations. But when the precious fruit is stolen, the sole witness, Fei Yue (Jiang Kai Tong), and her family members are thrust into a series of adventures, in a desperate attempt to bring the fruit back to its rightful home. As members of the fox clan journey forth to find the missing fruit, the obstacles before them are great. Often entangled in the affairs of humans, the cunning foxes must do all they can to survive; but the humans are the least of their worries. Pitting their wits against powerful families, wolf demons, and a goddess, the fox clan will do whatever it takes to bring the precious Mei fruit home for good. But will the efforts of a single clan be enough when it seems both Heaven and Earth are against them? A collection of tales based on Pu Songling’s “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio”, “Legend of Nine Tails Fox” is a 2016 action, adventure, fantasy drama directed by Liu Yufen, Gao Linbao, and Xu Huikang.