Love in Time
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Growing up, Su Jia Nan (Serena Cheng) was anything but popular. A social outcast, she spent her school days dreaming of the moment she would be free from the misery a lifetime of mockery had brought her. Now an up and coming writer with a steadily growing fanbase, Jia Nan is finally free of her painful past. Or so she thought. Suddenly caught in the middle of a family inheritance struggle that could very well put an end to all her dreams of becoming a successful novelist, Jia Nan wants nothing more than to be free from her family obligations. With very few options and even less time, Jia Nan soon finds herself turning to the last person on earth she ever wanted to see, one of her old high school tormentors, Lu Bo Yan (Ming). The CEO of a successful investment company, Bo Yan is more than happy to help Jia Nan, for a price. Caught up in his own family crisis, Bo Yan finds himself in desperate need of a wife. Agreeing to help each other out, Bo Yan and Jia Nan sign a marriage contract. But how can a fake marriage solve their problems when it brings with it so many problems of its own? Adapted from Heng Wen Xue’s novel, “Lu Shao’s New Wife in a Warm Marriage”, “Love in Time” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Chen Shi Yi.