My Happy Divorced Life
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Kazuha Ono (Rin Takanashi) is a 35 years old. She has been working as an editor for a leading women’s fashion magazine named Zeal for over a dozen years. Her life is turned upside down when she discovers that her husband has been having an affair with a younger woman at work. She divorces him and tries to put on a brave face at work, but – at a staff meeting – suddenly blurts out that her marriage has ended. Kento Mitsui (Keito Tsuna), meanwhile, is a new employee at the company. He is 22 years old, and athletic. And he had hoped to work on a comic-related magazine title, but eventually ended up working at Zeal. He has no genuine interest in fashion. He ends up gravitating toward Kazuha Ono, who becomes his mentor. He starts to feel attracted to Kazuha Ono. But Kazuha Ono finds herself in a quandary when her husband’s new relationship starts to break down...and he decides to try to win back her heart. Could true love come calling in the office – or could she end up reconciling with her unfaithful husband? “My Happy Divorced Life” is a 2023 Japanese drama series that was directed by Nomura Nao and Yamaguchi Yuuya.