Queen of Masks
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Do Jae Yi (Kim Sun Ah) is a human rights lawyer who has built up a large following on social media. She has a reputation for defending the vulnerable and victims of sexual crime. Ten years ago, she was the victim of a terrible, haunting crime. Now, she has become a veritable “queen of masks.” To most of the world, she is a paragon of justice. But behind closed doors, she is exploiting a corrupt politician. And she is secretly helping the current mayor to get out of messy situations – as part of her own plan to become the next mayor. Do Jae Yi is friends with two powerful women. The first is Joo Yoo Jung (Shin Eun Jung), the director of an influential arts foundation. The second is the hard-working and ambitious Yoon Hae Mi (Yoo Sun), who worked her way up from the bottom at a prestigious hotel to the position of Vice President. The three women’s former friend, Go Yoo Na (Oh Yoon Ah) feels she was betrayed by the rest of the women. She moved to the USA in a bid to start her life again. But when she returns to South Korea in search of her missing daughter, her path crosses with those of her former friends. Could revenge be in the cards when they reunite? “Queen of Masks” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Kang Ho Joong.