Rokuhoudou Colorful Days
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Togoku Kyosui (Nozomu Kotaki) is the owner and manager of Rokuhodo, a traditional Japanese tea house. A tender-hearted soul with a fondness, his tea-making skills are without equal. But he struggles with making tasty food to complement his brews – so decides to enlist the help of some kindred souls to make Rokuhodo a success. He turns to his old school friend and talented cook Tokitaka Nagae (Shono Hayama) to help out in the kitchen. Also helping out at the tea house is Gregorio “Gure” Valentino (Saeki Daichi), a masterful coffee expert who learned his trade in Italy. Rounding out their number is the shy buy incredibly talented pastry chef Tsubaki Nakao (Ryusei Onishi). Clad in their kimonos, they make a very distinctive team – and are always at hand to listen to their customers’ troubles, even offering some helpful advice along the way. But while fixing other people’s problems is important, so is trying to resolve their own personal issues! The drama was based on a long-running manga series of the same name that debuted in 2013 and was authored by Yu Shimizu. “Rokuhoudou Colorful Days” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Yuki Saito, Keisuke Shibata, and Eriko Sato.