Stay With Me
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Su Yu (Zhang Jiong Min) is a high school student. He lives with his single father. And although his tiny family has no money, he is reasonably happy. That is all shattered the day his mother marries a rich man. This puts him on a collision course with his new step-brother Wu Bi (Xu Bin), who also turns out to be his new classmate. The two clash right from the start, due mainly to the fact that they have such different personalities. Su Yu will not listen to reason and underperforms at school, while Wu Bi has a frosty attitude toward most people and gets good grades. After getting off on the wrong foot, their explosive relationship takes a turn. But just as they begin to form a bond, a whole range of obstacles is thrown in their way. A girl tries to get close to one of them, but the other fears that her intentions are not good. Meanwhile, family difficulties begin to take their toll. Will Su Yu and Wu Bi’s bond survive – or will it fracture under the weight of emotions, family turmoil, and social pressure? “Stay With Me” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was written for the screen by Chai Ji Dan.