Stranger Kim
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When an unknown virus begins to spread across the globe, an average college student, by the name of Mina (Jeon Hye Yeon), takes it upon herself to find a way to stop it, before it destroys the world. Traveling back in time, to the place where she believes the virus first made its appearance, Mina appears directly in front of the painfully timid Kim Yo Han (Park Sang Nam). Informing Yo Han that she’s here from the future to prevent a viral apocalypse, Yo Han can’t decide if the woman standing before him is telling the truth, or just trying to play some sick prank. Realizing Yo Han doesn’t believe her, Mina explains her situation further and admits that her research has led her to this exact moment for one very simple reason: As the carrier of the virus, Yo Han is the reason the world is about to end. Racing against time, Mina and Yo Han must discover a cure before it’s too late. The fate of the world rests solely in their hands! “Stranger Kim” is a 2019 fantasy comedy drama directed by Kang Dong Hee.