The Diamond's Dream
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Can you find the missing pieces of your past life while also trying to move forward to achieve your professional dream? Liu Mei Li (Jiang Meng Jie) is an innocent young woman who aspires to become a fashion designer. Although she doesn’t get very far after entering the China Dream fashion show, she manages to get a job at the top design company Yun Xiang and falls in love with the company’s general manager, Zhou Xuan (Yao Yuan Hao). Her professional and personal lives become further entangled when her company wages a marketing war against its biggest rival, Tian Yi, because Mei Li’s best friend, Xie Jing Hua (Liu Yi Han), works there. Jian Hua develops a crush on the president’s son, Ye Guang Yi (Chi Shu Ai), but his eyes are set on a mysterious woman named Xue Li who seems to be connected to Zhou Xuan. Can Mei Li achieve her dreams while also trying to find her long-lost sister? “The Diamond’s Dream” is a 2013 Chinese drama series directed by Zhou Jia Wen.