The Wolf Princess
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Bitten by a wolf while searching for her father, Ling Long (Connie Kang) lives her life as a woman split in two. Constantly switching between her gentle human side and the savage wolf that has awakened within, Ling Long can’t seem to control either side of herself. With both personalities dueling for control, she often comes off as manipulative and subversive, though in reality, she is exactly the opposite. Even so, her warring personalities don’t do her any favors, especially not when an arrogant young aristocrat by the name of Yan Qing (Gu Jia Cheng) catches her in an awkward situation and mistakes her for a thief. Able to escape Yan Qin’s accusations once, Ling Long finds it much more difficult to do so a second time. Which is why, when a cruel twist of irony brings them together once more, Ling Long takes it upon herself to prove her innocence. Determined to find those responsible for the theft at the Yan manor, in which she now resides, Ling Long begins her own investigation. As she searches, she begins to notice her senses are becoming incredibly keen. But she’s not the only one noticing these changes. With the blood of the wolf clan coursing through his veins, Yan Qing is drawn to Ling Long’s increasingly wolfish tendencies, his curiosity piqued. Unable to resist the urge to get to know this strange girl, Yang Qing offers to help her with the investigation. Despite their rocky start, Ling Long accepts his offer and together they begin their search in earnest. But the deeper they dig, the more they find, eventually uncovering a plot that could shake the very foundations of their world.  Side-by-side, Ling Long and Yan Qing set out to right a multitude of wrongs but uncovered conspiracies aren’t their only problems. With Ling Long’s dangerous wolf side taking over more often Yan Qing must find a way to help before her humanity is lost forever. Can this unlikely pair find a way to stop both the evil running rampant in the world and the darkness that resides within? Based on the web comic of the same name by Cheng Du Yuan Meng, “The Wolf Princes” is a 2021 fantasy romance drama directed by Danny Ko.