Time is right with him
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Lin Xi (Lu Yu Xiao) and Ji Jun Xing (Wu Jun Ting) are school classmates – and although their personalities are very different, they find themselves drawn together. The horror movie-loving Lin Xi is outwardly tough, but positive, clever, somewhat stubborn, and full of joy. She is also a lover of justice – and always does her best to stand up to bullies who pick on weaker schoolmates. Ji Jun Xing, meanwhile, appears to be cold, frank, and introverted. Computer programming is his forte. But while he seems very aloof and standoffish to those who don’t know him well, he is actually full of warmth – and just doesn’t really know how to express his emotions. As the end of their high school days approaches, they must prepare to take their college entry examinations – knowing that failing to achieve the grades they need could set them back a year. And that could mean that they would be separated – with one in the academic year above the other. As they attempt to make their dreams of college life come true, romance could well spark between them. But will fate ultimately bring them together – or tear them apart? This drama series was based on an online novel by Jiang Mu Tong. “Time and Him Are Just Right” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Rong Hui.