Fireman Sam, Alien Alert!
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When Norman thinks he sees a flying saucer, not only does it kick off an exciting rescue for Fireman Sam but also brings the Buck Douglas Alien Quest TV show to Pontypandy. Soon everyone has gone Space Spotting mad and Alien hunting related emergencies are happening all over the place. Meanwhile Tom is proudly introducing Sam and the team to his all new Mountain Rescue Centre and all new helicopter - with super-sized forest fire bucket – Wallaby Two. Buck Douglas is filming his show all over the town and also selling lots of his Buck Douglas Alien Quest books… with handy tips on where to spot Aliens. The information in Buck Douglas’ book seems to lead all the Space Spotters to Pontypandy Island where they think they will find an alien landing site. It’s not long before they all spot a little Green Man sending signals into space and in doing so… he starts a forest fire on the island! Will Fireman Sam be able to save the day?
Starring David Tennant, Steven Kynman, Tegwen Tucker
Director Gary Andrews, Jerry Hibbert