The Dead and the Deadly
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This is a ghost story about a young man who is into sorcery, his girl friend, and the ghost who goes astray. The young man is honest Gee, a helper to Grand Uncle who is the town's high priest. They are now found in the ancestral shrine of the Mas working wonders. Gee is also being reprimanded by Grand Uncle for being rude to his fiancée, Ah Wun. The last of the Mas, the rich family in town, is back but Ma Cheong-lin is coming home dead. Accompanying the body is a woman who claims to be Ma's wife and very much pregnant. But Gee knows his boyhood friend Ma couldn't be a husband because he was impotent. Gee therefore examines Ma's body. There is no wound. Gee concludes Ma has been poisoned. He is wrong, Ma is not dead. He is using some magic to fake death in order to steal the family's funereal treasure. When no treasure is discovered, except a promise that Ma's son would inherit a fortune, Ma is killed forthwith by his cohorts. Ma’s spirit seeks out Gee and uses Gee to kill the cohorts one by one. Gee's own spirit is separated from his body. The fiancée and Grand Uncle have to arrange a weird wedding rite to reunite Gee's body with his soul. There is a fight with the ghost but the good finally triumph over the dead and the deadly.
Starring Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Wu Ma, Ching-Ying Lam
Director Wu Ma