La-308 Assassin Redemption
Paul Matthews was the perfect candidate for military black ops…loyal, tough, no relatives, and the best marksman in the history of the military. There’s only one problem: he’s got a heart. He is assigned to the Special Activities Division and makes hits for the CIA. “Don’t question the orders,” is the motto. The guilt and self-loathing build inside as the body count rises. A mission to Cajun country along the Louisiana coast coincides with Paul’s emotional unraveling. It’s a waiting game for his target and just enough time for him to get involved with the victim’s family. Big mistake. We know he can do it; but will he? What happens if he’s no longer an asset to the operation? It’s a tangled net of deception and life-and-death decisions set against the sun-dripped saltwater marsh.
I rollerna Damon Lipari, Jerry Leggio, Lisa Wilde
Regissör Jason Furrate