Damon Lipari

Damon Lipari is a film and television actor whose work has tended towards the horror genre. Born and raised in Louisiana and a graduate of Louisiana State University, Lipari made his proper screen debut in the horror thriller "Vampire Bats," a 2005 TV movie starring Lucy Lawless, in which Lipari played party animal Mickey. With his name then on the radar, Lipari proceeded to make his first film the following year, a forgotten drama called "Broken Promise," which, like his first project, was shot in his home state. In 2006, he landed a bit part as a rescue swimmer in the big-budget Coast Guard-themed action-adventure feature "The Guardian," with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Before earning more film roles, Lipari appeared on two episodes of the Golden Globe-nominated cable series "The Riches" in 2007. By 2011, Lipari achieved his then-biggest year to date: he appeared on an episode of the TNT crime-drama "Memphis Beat," and made four films, most prominently a supporting role in the sensational horror-thriller "Shark Night 3D," which is about a group of sharks attacking vacationers in the lake waters of Louisiana. Lipari also made two films with Beau Brasseaux, a fellow Louisianan--the sci-fi horror movie "51" and the thriller "Shadow People," both conveniently shot, once again, in Lipari's home state.