Timeless Journey of Taiwan: Jiufen & Mt. Hehuan
The beauty of Jiufen changes with the transitions of seasons, revealing unique styles in its traditions. Jiufen started to become a gold city in the Asian region when gold miners arrived here in 1893. However, this gold city ceased to prosper when gold mines were depleted. In the emerging tourism in 1970s, Jiufen became a popular sightseeing site. The footprints of the tourists are found on every corner, and the artists come a long way to Jiufen to find inspirations. High into the sky, the mountains in this area are higher than 3000 meters, and Atayal Tribe lives here. The Wushe is climatically pleasant, and the amazing cherry blossoms attract visitors in the late winter and early spring. The Wushe Incident was Atayal Tribe’s rebellion against Japanese colonial forces in Taiwan and the hero Mona Rudao in the incident is extolled for his courage and spirits.
Starring Charlie Chu
Director Charlie Chu, Elvis Lu