Timeless Journey of Taiwan: Penghu & Lanyu & Kending National Park
The Penghu Islands is internationally known as The Pescadores, meaning "the islands of fishermen" in Portuguese. Lying on the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China, some reporters named the Penghu Islands "the pearls scattered in the sea by the fairy" to compliment its splendor. Penghu possesses an important geological position for it is the only island with the coastlines formed of basalt magma. Lanyu is a pearl on the ocean to the southeast of Taiwan, a beautiful island full of tropical, aboriginal and oceanic charms. The Yamei tribe builds their houses under ground to avoid the direct effects of the year-round monsoon. Numerous stand-alone volcanic rocks can be found on Lanyu Island and each rock has its specific legend, such as Rocks of Lady, Twin Lion, Warship, and Dragon Head. The South Bay is in the Kending National Park, and is nicknamed “Blue Bay” because of its blue seawater and sky. Various water activities are popular in the bay area, and excited young people enjoy their life here.
Starring Charlie Chu
Director Charlie Chu, Elvis Lu