Going Down Syndrome

S1, E6: Going Down Syndrome

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Fitz tries to distract Larry by hooking him up with a drunk chick, only to end up sleeping with Janet, the drunkest of them all. But the next morning Fitz discovers Janet wasn’t drunk, she’s brain damaged. Larry thinks this is a perfect way to teach Fitz about love and devotion. Fitz is okay with it; brain damaged sex ROCKS! Meghan meanwhile tries to get back on the dating horse. When she mistakes an attempted purse snatching for a come-on, she takes her mugger hostage at a motel. Ali now has a real case against Fitz - her comatose mother has developed a communication technique with her finger twitches. When Fitz flirts with Ali, Janet gets so worked up with jealousy, she knocks herself out. Fitz thinks quick and tries to set Larry up as her perverted kidnapper by taking them to the motel. But when Meghan’s mugger escapes and pulls a gun on Janet. Larry takes him out with a rubber fist dildo, and ends up the hero once again.