A Slight Case of Murder
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Edward G. Robinson stars in this breakneck-paced satire that wowed audiences and critics alike when it premiered. Based on a story by Damon Runyan, the spoof follows a gangster who finds out that it isn't easy living the straight life. When Prohibition is repealed, tough but good-hearted bootlegger Remy Marco (Robinson) faces a financial crisis: His beer tastes so awful that once it's legal, no one wants to drink it anymore. To add to his troubles, Marco takes his wife (Ruth Donnelly), daughter (Jane Bryan), and adopted son (Bobby Jordan) to his rented Saratoga mansion and finds four corpses in his bedroom that he must frantically hide before his future son-in-law (Willard Parker), who happens to be a cop, discovers them.
Starring Edward G. Robinson, Jane Bryan, Allen Jenkins
Director Lloyd Bacon