Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
Available on Disney+
The incredible Air Bud is back and this time he’s trying his paws at baseball! Josh is off to his first year of college, and Buddy has stayed behind with Andrea and the rest of the Fram family which has grown since we last saw them with the addition of a new baby brother, Sam. This year, Andrea and her fearless friend, Tammy are entering Jr. High. In their attempt to fit in, they have resolved to try out for every club and team offered at the school. After sampling everything on their list, baseball is their last option. At try-outs, Andrea is pitched a ball. Despite closing her eyes, her bat makes contact with the ball, it goes flying into the outfield and she makes a home-run. To their delight, both Andrea and Tammy make the team! Feeling neglected at home because of her new baby brother, Andrea struggles to become a star on her baseball team. She recruits Buddy as her assistant. Just as everyone is settling into the new year, a problem arises in Fernfield. Buddy’s puppies who are now a year old and living in various homes across town have started disappearing! The artful Dr. Frankenfurter has been skillfully plucking them from their homes. The Frams are put on alert to keep a watchful eye on Buddy. All in all it’s a year filled with unexpected challenges. With Buddy’s help will Andrea and Tammy be able to lead their team to victory? And will Buddy, desperate to recover the missing puppies to their own loving homes, succeed in his mission? Find out in the all new Air Bud IV, “Seventh Inning Fetch”.
Starring Kevin Zegers, Caitlin Wachs, Cynthia Stevenson
Director Robert Vince